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 Why Go Solar?


•Your utility company is a monopoly with guaranteed profits. They annually raise your energy cost 2% to 4%. Going solar locks in your payment without risk of being increased.

•According to Zillow, solar systems can add 4% to 8% value to your home

•The time to act is NOW! As more people switch to solar, incentives will only go down and utility rates will likely rise. Keep in mind, the utility company loses money every time someone switches to solar so they will need to recover it from somewhere.

•By investing in a solar system for your home, you are making payments toward owning your homes energy instead of renting it.

•Financing has never been easier! Banks and credit unions are realizing the low risk for solar loans. You simply replace your monthly kWh cost with a fixed loan payment.

•Most of the energy produced by utility companies comes from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. This leads to air pollution, climate change, and negative health impacts throughout our communities. Switching to solar not only saves you money, but saves the planet!

marlas array.jpg

What happens to the excess electricity produced by your solar system? For a grid-tied system, this excess energy gets sent to the grid. When your home begins to pull energy back from the grid, like at night, they will send you electricity back. For Ameren customers, the first 5% of customers will receive 1:1 net metering. This means for 1kW sent to the grid, you will receive 1kW back. For other utility companies, they may have a 1:.33 net metering.  

net metering picture.PNG
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