Does Your Home or Business Qualify for Solar?

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Why Mid West Solar Solutions

- Production Guarantee - During your Research on Solar many numbers get thrown at you. Our production estimates are carefully crafted and come with a Guarantee!

- Turn Key Pricing - With our premium financing options from committed lenders we are able to offer a No Upfront Cost Program with no hidden fee's.

- Peace of Mind - Our contract states that we provide a 10 Year workmanship, 20 Year Inverter, and 25 Year Panel Production Guarantee. 

- One Stop Shop - Our local team is with you from start to finish. Making sure that what you want, is what you get!

  • Reduce Electricity Costs
  • Increase Property Value
  • Energy Independence
  • Fixed Rate Financing (12, 15, & 20 Year options)
  • Illinois Shines Program (IL State Incentive)
  • 26% Federal Tax Credit
  • Reduce CO2 Emissions
  • Support a GREEN FUTURE
  • Typically get a 10% annual return rate

  • Lower Monthly Expenses
  • Lock in a Fixed monthly cost
  • Combine the 26% ITC with MACRS
  • Illinois Shines Program
  • Depreciable Asset
  • Increase property value, not taxes
  • Build a Positive Brand 
  • Stand out from your Competition

How  Does Solar Work?

There are multiple ways of connecting a Solar System Array to your home. We find Grid Tied Systems the most cost effective way of conserving electricity. While conserving, we are also saving money. Utility companies like Ameren, have created, what is called Net Metering. 

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